SEO – 5 Free Things To Help Rank Higher On Google!

SEO or more commonly known as search optimisation is the tactic of using commonly used search keywords and phrases to help you increase your chances of ranking higher in search engines such as Google.

SEO is an ongoing investment that can be costly if your a new business, so we have put together our top 5 ways you can help grow your traffic for free.

1. Google My Business – If you want to get found on Google there’s no better place to start than signing up for a Google my business account. GMB also has an app that can be used on iOS and Android, you can register your business by downloading the app and filling in your company information. Not only can you display your opening times to customers, but customers can also leave detailed reviews for your business to help build your reputation online!

2. Social Media – Only on Facebook? What about Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest or TikTok? Different social media platforms have different audiences, so you may have thought that some of them are unnecessary to your business. However, having a presence on as many platforms as possible can help with SEO as you can post informative content on your website and post links on social media. Social media can be one of your most profitable marketing channels for directing traffic to your website and increase leads or page views.

3. Content (text on your website) – Whether it’s on your website or social media your content is crucial to keep people visiting your site, engaging and spending more time engaged. People love a story so try to aim for emotive striking content that people with enjoy reading. Think about using keywords, so for example if you’re a plumber you may find your top keywords could be; plumber, plumbing, drainage, bathroom fitter etc. Doing some thorough research on keywords that are currently trending and implementing them into your content will all help with your SEO. Additionally, ensure your keywords are displayed in your meta title and description to ensure you are getting the best out of your search engine optimisation. Having content that’s search engine optimised will also help your blog get found in search engines, read more about blogging below.

4. Local listings – many sites such as, bing, four square and hot frog offer you to create a free listing of your business on their website. These citations if kept accurate and consistent will help Google see you as a trusted business. They also have paid options to help with SEO but it’s often better to first use organic SEO rather than paying a lot of money with no guarantee of results. By taking advantage of getting your name in local listings you can start the ball rolling with getting found.

5. Blogging – If you have never heard of a blog look no further you are currently reading one! By offering informative or valuable content in your blog on your website you can keep visitors interested and increase your chances of them contacting you for more info on your products or services. By posting links to your blog on social media you can direct traffic to your website and have visitors that may have never even googled you! It’s always good to keep blog posts to your topic of choice as you can provide valuable information, but don’t limit yourself to what you do, maybe there a good cause, charity or group you are interested in and would like to write about. You can also ask others to write on your blog to ensure you have a mixed content library of information from different sources.

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