Mental Health in Business: Need help with taking the stress out of running a business?

Mental Health in Business Rule #1

Stop being hard on yourself!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with trying to get your business right? 

Guess what so have we! 

No one is exempt from suffering mental health issues from time to time, especially business owners!

It could be a small as flustering under the pressure of not doing your books on time or two the extreme of being on the verge of a nervous breakdown! 

A lot of us have been there so “Stop being hard on yourself!” if you have ever asked yourself “why am I like this” or “I wish I was someone else” and felt like the worse person in the world, get ready to change your whole perspective on yourself! 

The reason you have these worries in the first place goes deeper. Your not a bad person but if you read on you will actually find you are quite the opposite.

What is the main worry for business owners?

That’s right!


And I’m not talking about chasing your first million to find that material things aren’t fulfilling. I’m talking about the reason you may have set your business up in the first place.

Providing for your family

So stop beating yourself up for not having that 6 figure salary, enjoy the freedom that (sometimes) self-employment brings. Your family would rather see you happy growing your business step by step than watch you have a meltdown daily! 

I speak this to myself as I do to everyone else as I battle mental health on daily basis.

If your ever struggling with mental health while setting up your business I’ve included some handy links below.

For help to take the stress out of your website check us out

Stay tuned for more mental health in business rules on our next article.

Jadon Willetts
Creative Director 
JME Web Design 

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