3 Ways To Get Visitors To Stay On Your Website!

Your website needs to be the main attraction for your visitor when they first come across your page. If it doesn’t grab their attention your visitors will click away quicker than you can say ‘bounce rate’ ( the number of visitors that go on your site and leave before checking out the rest of your website).

Here are 5 surefire ways to ensure those visitors turn into sales or subscribers.

1. Call To Action

 A call to action can be a book now button, a shop now button or allow them to call you from their mobile device. They tell your visitors what to do next on your website and increase interaction on your site. Action words such as buy now, visit us, call now etc will help get you the engagement you want while giving your visitors the user-friendly interface they need.

2. Attention-Grabbing Titles!

Have we got your attention? Great now to get your customers. When writing a website heading keep it short and sweet, think about the attention span of a goldfish, you need to get visitors attention in the first few seconds to attract people to want to read more. A bakery for example may go with; Freshly Baked Bread! Not only is that short and snappy but it also triggers emotion by making us think of the smell of freshly baked bread, who doesn’t love that!

3. Image overload! 

So your homepage is packed full of colourful images that you think are grabbing your audiences attention, but how is your page loading speed? High-quality images are great to use to give a professional clean feel, but if you haven’t compressed those images they make be taking an age to load and putting your visitor off before they even see a single one. Here’s a great link to help you compress your images before you upload heavy files onto your server. https://compressjpeg.com

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